Cielo falso

Interview Performance / Film

Interview: Juan Pablo Corvalan
Director & Editor: Bruno Salas

Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez discuss with Juan Pablo Corvalán a lecture called Procesos Fallidos ‘Failed Processes’ in which RVJ presented works done by the studio Murua-Valenzuela between 2005 and 2013.     

This interview/performance is a direct reference/quote of Michael Meredith’s satirical manifesto: Notes for those Beginning the Discipline of Architecture.

“Michael Meredith’s satirical manifesto, Notes for those Beginning the Discipline of Architecture, stages this tension and uncertainty as a heroic-pathetic dialogue, splitting the architect into two opposing personas unable to communicate with one another. The designer-maker is largely deferential and dumbfounded, not to say dumb, while the theorist-intellectual condescendingly berates him with questions for which there are no answers and answers for which there are no questions. Accepting this pathology as constitutive may indeed be the basis for a more modest and limited, yet also more generous, incisive and even lighthearted conception of the architect today than those afforded us in the past.” Detlef Mertins 

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