/ Questionnaire

Filling out a form or questionnaire is a mechanical operation that is generally useless and irrelevant. The questions are banal and generic, almost always propose absolute alternatives, and the answers lack the subtleties that generally give meaning to the arguments. It’s a black-and-white format where there is no room for shades of gray; it represents bureaucracy and the impossibility of covering such a complex problem in a couple of pages (the encyclopedic illusion of containing the world in a book). However, at the same time, the form or questionnaire gives rise to at least two processes: the need to reflect on one’s own work and, above all, the obligation to choose and, therefore, to present theoretical positions. Ultimately, it’s an excuse to start a conversation.

Instructions for use:

1. This questionnaire is not intended to define your position with regard to the discipline of architecture.

2. It will not give clues or suggestions about your architectural work.

3. If you feel that your interests are not covered by any of the answers given, please write them in the margin.

4. After completing the questionnaire, take a sheet of paper and expand on your answers.

(If you want to share your results please email your filled form to