One Obstruction

Website / Film / Photography

2017 – ongoing

(E)Studio Futur@ & various artists

One Obstruction is an ongoing collaborative project, who’s basic aim is to explore alternatives to the tools most frequently employed to represent, display and to disseminate architecture.

Using The Five Obstructions as reference –specifically through an analogy of the challenges imposed to Jørgen Leth– Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez/(E)StudioFutur@ asked a selected coterie of artists, photographers and documentary makers to depict a house imposing only one obstruction: not to represent architecture as a fetishized fixed reality.

Between 2017-2020 Bruno Salas, Bárbara Oettinger, Sebastián Mejía, Diego Grass, Macarena Alvarez, Emilio Marín, Francisco Jullian and Luis Ignacio Correa documented the house during its various stages. From its construction and initial occupation to the dynamics of use by the family under quarantine

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